General Rental Home Information.
Renting Arizona wants to make sure that all students have a general knowledge of move in costs and monthly charges associated with renting an apartment in the Glendale AZ area. What we have noticed is that most apartments websites and their other advertisements do not go into great detail about some of these costs. You may only find out about them after you may have already committed to live there.
All rental home owners typically will charge you a refundable security deposit a application fees. However some owners will charge some non refundable fees.
More homes then not will take a pet. The amount of pets that an owner will take will vary along the amount of pet fees and pet deposit charged.
Typically all rental homes comes with garages, carport or slab parking. The amount of these spaces will vary by property.
All homes in Arizona will come with the hook ups for a washer and dryer or have the washer and dryer included.
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Tenants are usually responsible for all the utilities in the home.
Lease terms for rental home are usually for 12 months. Very rarely will you be able to get a lease shorter then six months. Occasionally lease over 12 months will be available
Many subdivisions near the Midwestern Campus are located in subdivision that have Home Owner Associations (HOA). Owner's typical pay for the HOA dues but tenants are responsible for HOA fines