Most owner's of homes will take pets but certainly not all of them. 
- Some owner's may allow dogs but no cats.
- Some owner's will have a weight limit on pets
- Very few owners will take "aggressive breed" dogs.
- Some owner's will also charge pet rent. This monthly fee is usually around $25 and can be per pet,
- Almost all landlords will charge a pet fee, also know as a pet sanitation fee. This non-refundable. This fee can be anywhere from $200 to $400. Some landlords will charge this fee whether you have one or two pets. Some will charge this fee per pet.
- Almost all landlords will also charge a refundable pet deposit. This deposit can be any where from $200 to $400. It also can be charged per pet or total if you have two pets.
- Very few owner's will allow three or more pets.
- Typically small birds and fish are not considered pets.
- Most landlords will not accept exotic animals (snakes, ferrets, etc)

Service Animals
Service animals are not considered pets and it our understanding that apartments cannot charge any fees or deposit for these animals. Proof that the animals are registered service animals made be needed.
This is "Happy Jack"

He belongs to the owner of Renting Arizona and he is a also patient at the Midwestern Animal Health Institute.