Rental Rates

It would be nice to tell you that the rates that you see online or quoted to you over the phone would be the same as next month, next week or even tomorrow but their are no guarantee. Their are factors that determine what your rental rate will be. They include the follow items.

1 - Length of lease - typically the longer the lease you sign the cheaper the rent. The longest lease that must apartments offer is from 12 to 14 months. Once again these lease terms usually will give you the cheaper rent. Lease terms from six months to 11 month will usually be more expensive.

2 - Time the apartment is currently or will be vacant. If an apartment is currently vacant and is "move in ready" and you can move in within a few days, you will get the best rate. If in the same situation you want to move into that apartment in two weeks, some apartments will charge you more for rent because they are holding the apartment for you and losing out on rent while it is sitting empty. The same policy is applied if you are moving into an apartment that is currently occupied. If a current tenant has given notice that they are moving out on a certain date in the future, the apartment will start marketing that apartment for a move in date of anywhere from five to seven days after the move out date. The apartments are looking for a tenant to move in at that time. If you can do that you get the best rate. However their are apartments that will charge you the same rate as long as you move in within two weeks of the apartment being available. Most apartments will only hold an apartment for just two weeks.

3 - Occupancy levels - Some apartments rates are also determined by the occupancy level of their apartments. If the apartments have plenty of apartments available, you can get the best rates. If they only have handful of apartments left they may charge more for their rent. If an apartment quotes you a rate on one day and that same day they rent out a bunch of their apartments if you call back tomorrow the rate may have gone up. If an apartment gets a bunch of move out notices on one day, don't be surprised is the rent may be reduced the next day.

​Rental Tax - 

Apparently Arizona is the only state that charges rental tax. Depending on what city you move in the rental rate will be,

Glendale - 2.2%
Peoria - 1.8%
Phoenix - 2.3%

This amount will be added to your rent every month.