Career Opportunities
If you are starting your real estate career or considering a change, please call Jerry Maliva at (602) 424-4400 to set  an interview. All interviews are confidential.
Renting Arizona Real Estate Services is looking for a few good agents that are willing to work hard and as a result earn the highest commission structure in the rental locating business.

Late in 2002, Jerry Maliva, decided to leave his old rental locating company after 11 years & More. Jerry was tired of generating his traffic, placing his traffic and at times receiving less then half of the commission he earned, leaving over half of the commission going to the company. If that wasn't bad enough, when he left he was owed and is still owed thousands of dollars. Tired of this injustice, Jerry opened up his own company, Renting Arizona Real Estate Services.

Our philosophy is simple, Pay agents what they deserve.

What we offer-

- The highest commission structure in the business (Click here for commission structure)
- Ability to work part time or full time--whatever is most comfortable for you
- All agents can do rentals and sales.
- Many apartments all over town that need reps

What we don't offer-

- an atmosphere where new agents are frowned upon by veteran agents.
- an office where unless you are related to or best friends with management, you will have very little opportunity  to advance.
- an office with too many agents.
- desk fees, advertising fees

Why work with a company that specializes in rentals?

That's a good question. Here are four things to think about,
1 - With a name of a company called Renting Arizona, of course we do rentals but we certainly do sales..
2 - Renters become buyers. Many renters are new to the area and want to rent before they buy. Why wouldn't you want to help these people find rentals, develop a good relationship with these renters and them help buy later on?
3 - Landlords become sellers. We help owners rent their properties. When you build a good relationship with these owners, why wouldn't they use you when they decide to sell?
4 - During a real estate boom or bust, people will always be renting. While the commissions for rentals are much smaller then sales, they happen more often and you spend less time with renters then buyers.